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Ultimate 234 pc First Aid Kit: SOLD OUT… (almost)

Thanks for your business.

Best Wishes,

Allyn Cutts, VP
American Med Supply

P.S. This is only available untl July 31th, or while supplies last. We only
have about 33 remaining.

o http://AmericanMedSupply.com/dt/t/Ultimate_First_Aid_Kit.php


*Terms and conditions apply; offer ends July 31, 2011.

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July Month End Sale – Ultimate First Aid Kit

(234 Piece) Ultimate Wall Mount First Aid Kit $19.95- Whiles Supplies Last!

Ultimate First Aid Kit

We sold totally out of these in February. Companies were getting 8-10 of them at a time, putting them in their offices, warehouses, and work vehicles.

We had one guy get 5 of them.. 2 for cars, one for his home, and one for his boat, and one to send to his son in college.

Anyway, we just got a another shipment in, and when we purchase a 100+ we get a great price, so we can pass it on to YOU.

11 days ONLY… our Ultimate Wall Mount (234 piece) First Aid Kits are now just $19.95 while supplies last.

o http://AmericanMedSupply.com/dt/t/Ultimate_First_Aid_Kit.php

It’s the perfect first aid kit any home, office, or workplace.

Here’s what all’s included:
Ultimate First Aid Kit (w/ Wall Mount)