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American Med Supply AED Giveaway Grand Prize Winner Is…


American Med Supply AED Giveaway September Winner Is…

Enter the contest here: http://AmericanMedSupply.com/b/contest

To read the official Press Release, go here: American Med Supply AED Giveaway September Winner

American Med Supply AED Giveaway August Winner Is…

Enter the contest here: http://AmericanMedSupply.com/b/contest

To read the official Press Release, go here: http://AmericanMedSupply.com/b/press-release/august-aed-giveaway-winner/

American Med Supply July AED Giveaway Contest Winner

– Username: m_lapuebla is July’s Contest Winner –




Allentown PA, August 1, 2011 Username: m_lapuebla is this months winner. With just 77 points, this is m_lapuebla’s first win in the American Med Supply AED giveaway.

American Med Supply is having a contest to give away an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in the month of October in support of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Awareness month.   Our goal with the campaign is to get the word out that defibrillators save lives and to eventually know that everyone in America within four minutes a working defibrillator.  More than 80% of SCA victims survive when automated external defibrillation occurs within five minutes of the onset of sudden cardiac arrest.

Every year in the US, sudden cardiac arrest claims the lives of more than 350,000 people and hundreds of thousands more worldwide. Today, fewer than 5% of SCA victims survive, largely because trained first responders with an AED do not reach them in time. In most cases, their key to survival is prompt defibrillation therapy. When defibrillation therapy is delayed more than ten minutes, the victim’s chance of survival drops to less than 5 percent. Defibrillators are life savers.

To raise awareness even further, every month leading up to October, American Med Supply is giving away great gifts and prizes like:

  • $25 American Express Gift Cards
  • $25 Gift Cards to Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, On The Border
  • $25 value Ultimate 234 piece First Aid Kit
  • $75 value AHA & American Red Cross AED Trainer
  • Grand Prize, an AED, a $2,100 value.

July’s winner, username: m_lapuebla with just 77 points has won a 234 piece First Aid Kit. American Med Supply (AMS) has offices in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. American Med Supply is one of the nation’s leading providers of Automated External Defibrillators, AED Batteries, AED Pads and AED Cabinets. American Med Supply supplies many of the largest cities and municipalities, gas & electric companies, police forces, government branches, the State Department, US Embassies, Fortune 1000, small businesses, as well as hundreds of YMCA’s, and school districts across the nation with their emergency medical equipment.

For more information, visit www.AmericanMedSupply.com/b/contest

Heart defibrillators

The cardio-verter defibrillator (ICD) is an implantable device which is used to monitor heart rhythms and deliver shock if and when danger rhythms are detected. The ICD records the heart

Philips Onsite Home Defibrillator

The electrical system of the heart suffers a short circuit due to the sudden strike of a cardiac arrest. The heart begins to quiver instead of pumping in its normal rhythm. This abnormal heart rhythm is known as ventricular fibrillation (VF). As the name suggests, Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) strikes without prior warning. It often happens at home with people who are not well aware of the recognized symptoms of heart disease. In order to ensure the maximum chances of survival, from SCA and caused by VF, a defibrillator must be used within five minutes.

The Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator from ActiveForever.com is manufactured by Philips, the pioneer in portable defibrillation technology. It is designed for the benefit of the ordinary person who unfortunately is a victim of an extraordinary moment. It is the most reliable and easy to use defibrillator available.

It is a small, lightweight defibrillator which weighs about 3.3 lbs. it is fitted with clear and natural voice instructions to guide the user through each step of defibrillation and CPR. It has got Integrated Smart Pads which when placed on the patient

Automatic External Defibrillators [AED]

An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is a portable device which is used by the patients suffering from cardiac arrest. It helps to restore normal heart rhythm. An AED analyzes the patient

Features of Medtronic LIFEPAK 500

The principle features of Meditronic LIFEPACK are –

  • The system input

Medtronic Lifepak 500 (Outdated)

The Medtronic LIFEPAK 500 is an (discontinued) automatic external defibrillator for immediate use of the first responders of cardiac emergencies. Its unique design enables it to determine the amount and the moderation of shock that is suitable for the particular individual. Medtronic Physio-Control is joined by the Banyan International to construct the LIFEPAK 500 AED and its accessories. In fact, the Lifepak defibrillators have had the reputation of being the standard ALS equipment for several decades. This is actually the fourth generation on the run. The details can be accessed at AmericanMedSupply.com.

The LIFEPAK 500 functions as a biphasic waveform. It includes a double pair of Quick-Combo Electrodes that has a Redi-Pak pre-connect system. It runs on a single non-rechargeable five year battery which comes with a carry case. The product also has an AMBU Res-Cue-Key First Responder Kit, the operating instructions, and an instructional video.

The principle features are:
The LIFEPAK 500 delivers shock levels that are according to the recommendations of the American Heart Association and the European Resuscitation Council.

The Quick-Combo electrodes that are equipped with the pre-connect system is sure to save valuable time during an emergency.

The design of the product is light-weight so as to provide you the benefit of grab-and -go portability. It weighs just seven pounds.

The AMBU Res-Cue-Key First Responder Kit comprises of a double pair of vinyl gloves, a disposable CPR barrier, a disposable razor, a disposable antimicrobial wipe and a single pair of trauma scissors.
The product is designed to ensure a safe and simple delivery to enable widespread deployment. The sleek design is also intuitive in character. This makes it ideal for the infrequent and inexperienced users. Apart from offering clear screen messages, it also has voice prompts combined with ready display with the aid of lighted buttons in order to guide the responders. The Quick-Combo electrodes in the pre-connect system is illustrated with electrode diagrams to facilitate optimum placement by the user.

Caution: This unit is outdated, and is no longer available. American Med Supply can still provide batteries and pads for this unit, although you should seriously consider replacing any Medtronic Lifepak 500 you have in the very near future. Call us today to discuss replacement of your Medtronic Lifepak 500.