Defibrillator Champion Saved By Defibrillator Himself

USA, February 13, 2009: Retirement has never been full of lazy days, hours spent on the golf course, or luxurious vacations for Gary Terry.

Terry called it quits from a 32-year career as a telecommunications executive, and then took up the roll of a life-time. He became a volunteer, and took on the job as chairman of the American Heart Association’s Texas chapter.

Here’s where the story gets interesting: Terry was in the airport trying to get back to a meeting for the next morning, when he reached down to pick up his briefcase, and just kept going down.

Terry believes the Lord chose him to lead the American Heart Association. And he believes the “sign from the Lord” came, not in the form of a dream or anything like that, but instead, it came in the form of a cardiac arrest by the security checkpoint at the Austin airport.

Get this, Gary Terry collapsed just 18 feet from an automated external defibrillator [AED] that he and American Heart Association helped to install just eight months earlier.

What makes Terry’s experience so unique? Well, because there was a defibrillator [AED] nearby, and somebody knew how to use it.

“When somebody stops breathing and they hit the ground, for all intents and purposes, they’re dead,” says Dr. Art Kellerman, noted defibrillator advocate and professor of emergency medicine at Emory University. “There are a few minutes where you can reach through the door and pull them back from death if you act decisively.”

Acting decisively, says Kellerman, means following the four links in the “chain of survival.”

Mr. Cutts, with American Med Supply went on to say – “The Zoll AED Plus is one of the absolute best automated external defibrillators (AEDs) on the market. I can use anyone I want, and it’s the one I choose to carry.” The Zoll AED Plus is the best unit on the market in following the full “chain of survival”.

The first link in the chain is recognizing there’s a problem, and calling 911. Next, begin doing CPR, employ the use of a defibrillator and get the victim into the hands of capable medical professionals like the paramedics.

The Zoll AED Plus is the only unit that has “Real CPR Help”, to help the first responder through those vital minutes. The other units on the market don’t.

“Research has shown time and time again that you win or lose in a cardiac arrest on the scene,” says Dr. Kellerman. “If you don’t get [the victim] started before you start transport, the likelihood they’ll survive to leave the hospital is less than one-half of 1 percent.”

And statistics show that if the chain of survival is initiated within 4 minutes, the chances of survival can be as high as 60 percent.

According to Mr. Cutts, you simply place the pads on a victim’s chest, and turn the AED on. Complex algorithms inside the AED determine whether a shock from the AED will help restart a victim’s heart.

Once the AED determines if a shock should delivered, it tells the first responder to clear their hands from the patient’s body, and press the “shock” button.

It’s far less complicated than your average DVR, and just about anyone can use one. It’s for these reasons and the relatively low cost of a defibrillator that Gary Terry continues his crusade.

Terry says, “I’m gonna try to put AEDs in every building and in every house, and then I’m gonna hang them on trees.” And American Med Supply supports Terry in his mission.

C Allyn Cutts, Vice President of American Med Supply went on to say, “It’s our mission to make sure anyone in America is within four minutes of a defibrillator. They save lives. It’s just that simple.”

More than 340,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) each year in the US alone – That’s more than from breast cancer, prostate cancer, house fires, firearms, traffic accidents, and AIDS combined. Fewer than 7% of the people who experience a sudden cardiac arrest survive – without external defibrillation.

And for every minute that goes by without treatment, a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival decreases by 7-10%. After about 10 minutes without defibrillation, few if any attempts at resuscitation are successful.

SCA is estimated to affect more than 7,000 children annually, according to the Pediatric Clinics of North America Journal.

About American Med Supply:
American Med Supply has offices in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida and is one of the nation’s leading providers of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), AED Batteries, AED Pads and AED Cabinets. American Med Supply supplies many of the largest cities and municipalities, gas & electric companies, police forces, government branches, the State Department, US Embassies, Fortune 1000, small businesses, as well as hundreds of YMCA’s, and school districts across the nation with their emergency medical equipment.


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